Checkit! Startup Blogs For Barnard Entrepreneurs

Blogs are such a useful tool  and available to anyone, no matter the phase of your project, level of success or even interest in your own business. They are excellent for keeping tabs on the industry, reading about progress in fields of interest. Often entrepreneurs  marching toward their own business will chronicle their experiences and ultimately, their records are vital resources to consult for your own projects. Here are some great sites!

  1. Young Entrepreneur: Challenges that face younger entrepreneurs are very different, and look here for informative profiles of young entrepreneurs.
  2. Small Business Labs: This one tries to predict what’s coming next.
  3. Startup Nation: offers entrepreneurial advice from proven successes in their fields of expertise, running the gamut from every aspect of creating and running a startup.
  4. Lateral Action: For the more creative business women, like graphic designers, writers and such, running your own business has unique challenges, all outlined on this site.
  5. IttyBiz: If your looking to start an online business or interested in marketing information, this is a fantastic resource.
  6. Freelance Switch: This one deals with, shockingly, freelance. There’s business advice, ideas for staying productive and more.
  7. Escape from Cubicle Nation: Ready to break out of the 9-5? This blog helps support such escapees.

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