Checkit! Applications for Barnard Entrepreneurs

Want to hit the ground running with your business? There are tons of soft-ware to help you do that, but here are some amazing and sometimes free or inexpensive esources that are perfect for entrepreneurial projects. The list starts with some you know and some you definitely don’t!

  1. Google Docs: is the easiest way to share documents, manage your business’ calendar and far more– if not a long term solution, it can help you get started without spending a ton of money.
  2. Skype: is great for making phone calls online, but it has a lot of bells and whistles (like video conferencing) that make it extremely useful for a new, small business.
  3. LinkedIn: is an easy and ever-progressing utility for accruing professional contacts and expanding your network. Bottom line, socializing is the key to a successful entrepreneurial venture. In addition, its a great place to ask questions and get advice on all sorts of business topics.
  4. Basecamp: is the company’s project management tool. 37signals also offer Highrise (CRM) and a few other great tools.
  5. Blinksale: Among online options for invoicing, this one comes highly recommended part because it works well with other tools like PayPal and Basecamp.
  6. Zoho: offers a full diet of tools including CRM, invoicing, project management and databases, check out Zoho.
  7. RocketLawyer: helps navigate the legalities of running your own business, RocketLawyer provides free forms as well as help with all sorts of legal documents.

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