Ladies, Speak Up and Get the Corner Office!

Barnard entrepreneurs, its time to speak up! Translation: promote yourself. Thanks Jezzie!

The Harvard Business Review recently elaborated upon research by the international nonprofit Catalyst. They write that men who sought important assignments, and were more active in networking a were more likely to move forward in their careers than men who didn’t. Strangely, this formula for success doesn’t hold for women. Prior research by Catalyst also shows that the gender gap in advancement still exists even if you control for factors like taking time off to care for kids. Christine Silva and Nancy Carter of HBR write, “with these most recent findings, yet another myth is busted: the one that says women fail to pursue their career goals as proactively as men. The truth is that women do, but even when they make use of the same strategies, they still don’t get as far ahead.”

Myth-busting aside, they do provide a solution, writing that “the women who did more to make their achievements known advanced further, were more satisfied with their careers, and had greater compensation growth.” This comes at the cost of eschewing social mores that relegate bragging-rights to men almost exclusively. Earlier posts have considered appealing to our more feminine characteristics- taking Carol Bartz model as a warning: aggressive to get ahead and punished for their aggression. But heres the spoonful of sugar to help the bitter go down: Catalyst’s research shows that, at least for the women they studied, being aggressive in terms of publicizing their own accomplishments had more benefits than risks.

PS PLEASE understand the graphic



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